GABLER TRIPLE M – modular multi-purpose mast

In addition to the existing capabilities, modern submarines are expected to fulfil more and more extra tasks.

With its modular multi-purpose mast TRIPLE M, GABLER Maschinenbau has developed a system with which a submarine can be equipped flexibly for numerous new tasks. By quickly switching payload modules it is possible to furnish submarines mission-specific with the capability to do covert airborne reconnaissance missions, as self-protection, for graded responsiveness, and in the area of electronic radio intelligence. In its function as open modular system TRIPLE M provides a foundation for even further components in the future.

The various sensor and effector modules can be operated in total from the command centre of the submarine.

TRIPLE M is a two-stage hoisting mast to be operated in periscope depth with a pressure-resistant container in which the required payload modules can be stowed, safely protected against water and external pressure.


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GABLER VOLANS – the automatic UAV launcher

The module VOLANS (coVert OpticaL Airborne reconnaissance Naval adapted System), developed by GABLER and patent pending, provides the submarine a "bird's-eye view" of events happening. VOLANS is a launching catapult  with which several UAVs can be launched fully automatically in succession from the submarine for covert airborne reconnaissance missions. 
Inside the pressure-resistant container of this swivelling catapult at least three UAVs with varying sensor modules, configured for day- and night-time reconnaissance, can be accommodated. For self-protection purposes and for a graded responsiveness, a medium-calibre machine gun can be used with the TRIPLE M system.

High-performance COMINT/ESM antennas can be employed well targeted and effectively within a broad frequency spectrum and a high degree of bearing accuracy for reconnaissance or intrusion purposes. Together with our strategic partners, GABLER has the expertise required for such specialized antennas. Furthermore, with regard to possible specific payloads, GABLER cooperates with the particular manufacturers to mutually make sure that the necessary modifications to the submarine are made.


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