GABLER Snorkels

Since 1962 GABLER has built more than 150 snorkel models for the world market. Accordingly we have gathered experience over decades during which we have been in continuous dialogue with our customers which has generated advanced and sophisticated products and we shall continue to do so.

The snorkels merely designed to supply diesel engines with air in the beginnings can by no means be compared with the present GABLER products. Our newest generation of snorkels must not only cope with the sophisticated requirements of the navies with regard to minimizing signatures but, on account of rapidly changing deployment scenarios, it must also be combinable with a variety of sensors and antennas (optronics head, radar, GMDSS). Optionally, air sample tubes and A/C sensors can be integrated. A significant weight reduction is made possible by applying the most modern (non-metallic) materials. In addition, we can provide a swell compensation snorkel so as to meet extremely specific customer requirements.


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