GABLER Masts for Radar and ESM

With a total production of far more than 300 hoistable masts for radar and ESM systems, GABLER has demonstrated an outstanding expert knowledge. Similar to other hoistable masts, developments in the radar area have led from penetrating masts with various drive mechanisms inside the boat in the beginnings up to today's non-penetrating masts of trunk design. The rotary drive for this latest version is placed directly underneath the antenna and is combined with the T/R box in a casing resistant to external pressure. The short transmission routes and the low rate of signal loss resulting thereof are the main advantages of this design.

ESM sensors (Electronic Support Measures) can also be integrated as early-warning antennas into other hoistable masts (such as periscopes, optronics masts, or snorkels). Larger ESM sensors are necessary to cater for more specialized performance requirements, for which a separate ESM mast is then needed in which several antennas can also be combined.

As a means of protection for the submarine, the ESM mast can also be constructed as three-stage telescopic version, thus enabling it to tower above all other hoistable masts, avoiding shadowing effects and achieving a maximum in efficiency.


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