GABLER Hoistable Masts for Periscopes and Optronics Masts

The demands placed on periscopes and optronics systems – the eyes of the submarine so to speak – and with them also on the hoistable masts are extremely high. They are used for position identification, monitoring, and navigation purposes, and help to control the sea area as comprehensively and quickly as possible. For this the reliability of the systems during continuous operation around the world is of crucial importance.

With a wide range of new functions (such as laser range finders, 360° scan or night and thermal image  capacity), optronics systems have once again revolutionized possible areas of application. A combination of periscope and optronics mast offers submarines additional capabilities while taking into account the most stringent safety standards.

To date GABLER has developed and manufactured more than 80 hoistable masts for periscopes and optronics masts for submarines on the global market. Furthermore, our engineers are specialists who are in demand all over the world when already existing platforms are due to be refitted with state-of-the-art hoistable masts.

We engage in a constant dialogue with our customers and also the manufacturers of sensor technologies, so we will develop an optimal solution for your visual system, as well.


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