GABLER Communication Masts

Communication masts rank among the most important types of hoistable masts on submarines. To date, GABLER has manufactured more than 280 masts of this category in a variety of configurations for the international market and has successfully integrated the most diverse antenna solutions. The developments were tested at sea under the most harsh operating conditions so as to always warrant the reliability required.

Our masts are furnished with the most modern antenna equipment and always incorporate state-of-the-art technologies. Here too, the name GABLER stands for innovation and absolutely top products. The second stage of the communication mast (HF whip antenna), for example, is the smallest hoistable mast on the market with regard to installation space required. The antenna transmission and reception qualities must also be warranted in periscope depth and during high boat speeds.

The newest, third generation model is a three-stage system: in the first stage the profiled mast is hoisted, followed by hoisting of the HF antenna in the second stage and finally the UHF-VHF-IFF-GPS combination antenna and/or the SHF-SatCom antenna, alternatively, in the third stage. In order to be able to minimize signal losses in connection with modern transmission and reception systems, the antenna adaptor for the HF system and the electronic components of the UHF-VHF-IFF-GPS combination are integrated directly inside the mast.


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