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In the field of hoistable masts, GABLER stands for highest quality worldwide. Since 1962 we have built more than 850 hoistable masts in various configurations for more than 150 submarines. These figures do not merely testify to the reliability of the equipment's' design but are rather evidence for the fact that our masts are able to meet the high technical and tactical requirements of the navies and at all times comply with the state-of-the-art technological developments. Masts made by GABLER are renowned for easy and noise-optimized movability in all hoisting stages because of flexible lifting heights, as well as a high degree of environmental resistance and space-saving and lightweight design. All military standards regarding shock resistance and wash of the sea are taken into account, thus always ensuring functional capacity even in extreme situations. As a consequence of the optimized stream lined profile and the possible RAM coating (Radar Absorbing Material), the units are also signature-minimized (acoustically, magnetically, hydrodynamically and visually) and have demonstrated an excellent performance during continuous use all over the world.

In general, GABLER hoistable masts can be built as telescoping or penetrating models – either column or trunk controlled. We provide the trunks optionally in rectangular or cylindrical design.

Moreover, we make everything possible that's possible, seeing that for us an optimum solution also means: customized and tailor-made. With GABLER hoistable masts the latest effector and sensor technologies can be integrated into any platform.

You, our customer, may rest assured that your GABLER instruments comply exactly with your requirements in in every respect. Our global services equally stand for high standards of quality, thus ensuring that your submarines are at all times ready for operation.

Our Hoistable Masts

GABLER Hoistable Masts for Periscopes and Optronics Masts

The demands placed on periscopes and optronics systems – the eyes of the submarine so to speak – and with them also on the hoistable masts are extremely high. They are used for position identification, monitoring, and navigation purposes, and help to control the sea area as comprehensively and quickly as possible. For this the reliability of the systems during continuous operation around the world is of crucial importance.

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GABLER Snorkels

Since 1962 GABLER has built more than 150 snorkel models for the world market. Accordingly we have gathered experience over decades during which we have been in continuous dialogue with our customers which has generated advanced and sophisticated products and we shall continue to do so.

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GABLER Communication Masts

Communication masts rank among the most important types of hoistable masts on submarines. To date, GABLER has manufactured more than 280 masts of this category in a variety of configurations for the international market and has successfully integrated the most diverse antenna solutions. The developments were tested at sea under the most harsh operating conditions so as to always warrant the reliability required.

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GABLER Masts for Radar and ESM

With a total production of far more than 300 hoistable masts for radar and ESM systems, GABLER has demonstrated an outstanding expert knowledge. Similar to other hoistable masts, developments in the radar area have led from penetrating masts with various drive mechanisms inside the boat in the beginnings up to today's non-penetrating masts of trunk design.

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