GABLER Rudder and Plane Drive Systems

The requirements for the design and manufacturing of rudder drive systems are immense, as the equipment is subjected to great strain when the submarine changes its course, causing considerable control torque for the rudder blades. It is important for them to work with great precision and as quietly as possible, thus meeting the military, acoustic-signature requirements.

The rudder drive systems developed by GABLER Maschinenbau consist of a hydraulic drive and a laterally attached rudder angle transmitter, which monitors the piston rod movements of the rudder drive system via a connection. The existing rudder angle is transmitted to the submarine control room where the rudder angle is displayed as image or in figures.

GABLER Maschinenbau manufactures rudder drive systems for hydroplanes, X-rudders, and as customized cross-type rudder design. No matter which model our customers choose: GABLER rudder and plane drive systems operate reliably and trouble-free and can be easily installed in any submarine.


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