GABLER Components for Submarines

In addition to the original core business, i.e. hoistable masts, GABLER has meanwhile developed further components specific to submarines, which have been included in the product portfolio and delivered to a number of customers worldwide. During the design phase all military standards regarding shock resistance and wash of sea are taken into account, making sure that the components are fully operational at all times, also during extreme conditions.

GABLER can offer the following submarine components:

    • Electric rotary drives for radar antennas
    • Precise and low-noise rudder drives for bow planes, X-type rudders, cross-type rudders
    • Shore and charging connections for the submarine’s power supply
    • Pressure-resistant radomes for antennas

    We would be most pleased to work together with you to determine individual solutions for your wide variety of demands.

    Our Components for Submarines

    GABLER Rudder and Plane Drive Systems

    The requirements for the design and manufacturing of rudder drive systems are immense, as the equipment is subjected to great strain when the submarine changes its course, causing considerable control torque for the rudder blades. It is important for them to work with great precision and as quietly as possible, thus meeting the military, acoustic-signature requirements.

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    GABLER Rotary Drives for Radar Antennas

    Radar systems are operated with a horizontally rotating radar antenna. The required rotary drive can be driven electrically or hydraulically, however, it demands significantly more comprehensive features when employed on a submarine. Quiet running, high torque and robust design are the features necessary for reliable functioning, even in case of splash-over or dunking of the mast head.

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    GABLER Shore and Charging Connections

    The connections developed by GABLER ensure a simple and safe power supply of the submarine when in port. With the shore connection it is possible to supply the on-board power supply from shore, the charger is used to charge the submarine batteries (also on the so-called third charging level).

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