GABLER Communication System CALLISTO

The role played by submarines has changed considerably over the decades. Today it is expected that submarines have all capacities to participate in a multinational, cross-disciplinary combined forces operation

With its communication system CALLISTO, GABLER provides a fundamental and essential improvement for modern submarines: for the first time it is possible to communicate uninterruptedly in a deeply submerged position, without having to constrain the fulfilment of the mission in any way. As a result, tasks that were formerly impossible can now be carried out at the same time.

CALLISTO consists of a hoistable mast with an integrated buoy. To drop off the buoy the hoistable mast is extended through the tower structure. After releasing the locking device, the buoy reaches the water surface with the help of its own buoyancy  and the simultaneous unreeling of the cable. From here the multifunctional antenna can now send and receive messages.

The commander of the submarine is free to choose the speed and diving depth within the system limits as strategically required. The system unreels exactly that amount of cable as is required to best align the buoy and thus also the antenna for communication. The haul-in procedure follows identical to the launching,  in reverse order.

In its hauled-in and locked position, the CALLISTO buoy in conjunction with the hoistable mast is operated as a conventional telecom mast. This saves space otherwise needed for an additional hoistable mast. Besides integrating the buoy with a hoistable mast, it can also be designed and/or refitted as upper deck version.

CALLISTO makes communication systems such as UHF SATCOM, UHF LOS, VHF and HF reception as well as GPS L1/L2 possible. All telecommunication and sensor signals (e.g. pressure, temperature, floating position) are transmitted between buoy and submarine via optical waveguides in the towing cable; a transmission concept of considerable advantage. It enables CALLISTO to provide a platform with which additional features, such as radar detectors, photo and video systems, can still be integrated  at a later date. GABLER is at all times ready to supply the required technical service.


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