GABLER Naval Technology Solutions

Gabler Maschinenbau GmbH takes an active part in technological progress.

Close cooperation between the Gabler development forum, the construction and consultants in technical colleges and universities ensures that the latest trends and developments are not only recognized in time and implemented, but helped to shape.

GABLER develops and manufactures a variety of sophisticated subsystems and components, such as thrusters, highly specialized torque motors, antenna radomes, Agriculture and charging terminals for submarine technology. Thorough testing of the Equipment carried on in-house developed extensive test facilities.

Together with various partners we also offer antennas widely differing types for both military and civilian purposes. Teamwork in the development, design and production and partnership with the shipyards guarantee balanced, perfected equipment and components.

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GABLER Hoistable Masts

In the field of hoistable masts, GABLER stands for highest quality worldwide. Since 1962 we have built more than 850 hoistable masts in various configurations for more than 150 submarines. These figures do not merely testify to the reliability of the equipment's' design but are rather evidence for the fact that our masts are able to meet the high technical and tactical requirements of the navies and at all times comply with the state-of-the-art technological developments.

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GABLER Components for Submarines

In addition to the original core business, i.e. hoistable masts, GABLER has meanwhile developed further components specific to submarines, which have been included in the product portfolio and delivered to a number of customers worldwide. During the design phase all military standards regarding shock resistance and wash of sea are taken into account, making sure that the components are fully operational at all times, also during extreme conditions.

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GABLER Communication System CALLISTO

With its communication system CALLISTO, GABLER provides a fundamental and essential improvement for modern submarines: for the first time it is possible to communicate uninterruptedly in a deeply submerged position, without having to constrain the fulfilment of the mission in any way. As a result, tasks that were formerly impossible can now be carried out at the same time.

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